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Date: 17-Mar-84  0':24':12

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Subject: Technical summary should discuss networking possibilities in detail

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Description: The technical summary should contain the answers to this guys questions'
Received': from SU-SCORE.ARPA by PARC-MAXC.ARPA; 16 MAR 84 10':13':42 PST'
Date': Fri, 16 Mar 84 10':03':55 PST'
From': Ole Lehrmann Madsen <MADSEN@SU-SCORE.ARPA>'
Subject': Re': XEROX protocols'
In-Reply-To': Message from "MASINTER.PA@PARC-MAXC.ARPA" of Thu 15 Mar 84 23':13':12-PST'
We are presently implementing an Ethernet connecting a DEC-10 and'
some PERQs. In the future we might get Xerox machines, Suns, etc.'
In addition we want to add file servers and a print server.'
There is no protocols available for the DEC-10 (we have an old version'
with no DEC-net) and the PERQs. We thus have to implement some protocols'
on these machines. The problem is then which ones to select. We would'
of course like all of the machines to be able to communicate without'
having to implemenent a large number of different protocols.'
The file servers and the print server should be useable from all the'
machines. We have some people doing work on integrated text and graphics.'
They want to send arbitrary graphics and text to the print server.'
The XEROX print server seems to be a good choice. However in order to'
use the print server from other machines we decided to use Xerox'
protocols on the whole net. However we have not been able to get the'
protocols for the print server (and file server). We thus don''t know'
if we will be able to use the print server from other machines.'
Furthermore people here say that the TCP/IC protocols are more widely'
used than the Xerox protocols.'
To sum up': We are implementing a local net. We need to select some commonly'
used protocols. We need to be able to do graphics on a print server. Can we'
do graphics on the Xerox printer? Will Xerox support the TCP/IC protocols? '
Thanks again. Ole L Madsen'


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