// found on [ivy]<dorado>DoradoMesaDisk.cm

// construct a mesa disk for the dorado. take care to preallocate .image files
// in "early" disk locations.
// this file acquires IME stuff, as well.
// gmcd April 30, 1980  4:10 PM

ftp ivy dir/c <ime> ret/c xdebug.image dir/c <xmesa> ret/c makexmdebug.cm ↑
dir/c <xmesa>xdebug ret/c xmdebug.bcd xcoremap.bcd ↑
dir/c <xmesa>temp ret/s xmesa.image mesa.image xcompiler.image compiler.image ↑
ret/c <xmesa>temp>xmesa.symbols dir/c IME ret/c XImeCompiler.image ↑
ret/c <mesa>runmesa.run <mesa>binder.image <mesa>lister.image ↑
close/c open/c maxc ret/c <alto>installswat.run ret/c <alto>sys.errors

delete installswat.run


//  create IMECompiler.image and compiler.log

//  create some spare image files
copy spare1.image ← compiler.image
copy spare2.image ← compiler.image
copy spare3.image ← compiler.image
copy spare4.image ← compiler.image

//  get the rest of IME
//  the ime image files can be anywhere on the disk

ftp ivy dir/c ime ret/c IME.cm ImeRun.run IMEDebug.image ImeUser.image ImeUser.symbols ↑
Directory/c Mesa>System Retrieve/c ↑
AllocDefs.bcd AltoDefs.bcd AltoDisplay.bcd AltoFileDefs.bcd BitBltDefs.bcd DirectoryDefs.bcd DisplayDefs.bcd FontDefs.bcd FrameDefs.bcd FSPDefs.bcd ImageDefs.bcd InlineDefs.bcd IODefs.bcd KeyDefs.bcd MiscDefs.bcd OsStaticDefs.bcd ProcessDefs.bcd SegmentDefs.bcd StreamDefs.bcd StringDefs.bcd SystemDefs.bcd TimeDefs.bcd TrapDefs.bcd DiskKDDefs.bcd MemoryOps.bcd ↑
ret/c <taft>partition.run  <dorado>DoradoMesaImageFiles.cm ↑
directory/c dorado ret/s DoradoMesaUser.cm user.cm ↑
Close/c Open/c Maxc ↑
Directory/c Alto Retrieve/c Bravo.run Bravo.Error Bravo.Messages cleandir.run chat.run empress.run ↑
Directory/c AltoFonts Retrieve/c timesroman8.al timesroman10.al timesroman12.al timesroman14.al logo24.al math10.al hippo10.al hippo12.al gacha10.al gacha12.al helvetica18.al helvetica10.al helvetica7.al ret/c <sil>template64.al ↑
 Retrieve/s Gacha10.al MesaFont.al ↑
Directory/c Fonts Retrieve/c Fonts.Widths

BootFrom Sys.Boot    // for Bravo
delete dmt.boot