// DoradoUnBugDisk.cm
// Last modified February 25, 1980  11:11 AM by Taft

//Create a blank disk with the Install command, invoking the "long"
//dialogue and the "Erase a disk" option.  Then load this command file
//and execute it to build a Dorado Unbug Disk.
Ftp Maxc1 Directory/C Alto ↑
Retrieve/C Sys.Errors Sys.Syms InstallSwat.Run


Delete InstallSwat.Run Dmt.Boot Dumper.Boot

Ftp Maxc1 ↑
Directory/C AltoFonts Retrieve/C Gacha8.al Gacha10.al ↑
Directory/C Fonts Retrieve/C Fonts.Widths ↑
Directory/C Alto Retrieve/C Empress.Run Chat.Run Type.Run ↑
Bravo.Run Bravo.Error Bravo.Messages ↑
Retrieve/S Prog-User.cm User.cm

copy SysFont.Al ← Gacha10.al


//Fix User.Cm and exit from Bravo with "Q<cr>"
Bravo/N User.Cm

Delete User.Cm$


Ftp INDIGO Directory/C Dorado ↑
Retrieve/C Midas.Programs DoradoBaseROM.mb DoradoBaseRAM.mb ↑
  UpdateEmulators.cm ↑
Load/C DoradoMidasRun.dm ↑
Load/C Kernel.dm ↑
Load/C MemA.dm ↑
Load/C MemMisc.dm ↑
Load/C Ifu.dm ↑
Load/C EventCounters.dm ↑
Load/C BootEmu.dm ↑
Load/C BootStrap.dm ↑
Load/C TriConD.dm ↑
Load/C DMesa.dm ↑
Load/C DSEmu.dm ↑
Load/C XLisp.dm

//Type Shift-swat to exit from Midas

//Ftest.*, MufTest.*, HoldTest.*, and CTest.*, edp.mb were removed
//cleandir.cm nr.midas scheck.midas unaccounted for