// gp.br, template.br, random.br, renamefile.br, and loadram.br
// are stored in [Indigo]<Alto>.  interrupt.br and interruptinit.br
// are in [Indigo]<Alto>Interrupt.dm.  bcplruntime.br is created by
// loading [Indigo]<AltoSource>BCPLRuntimeSource.dm and executing
// CompileBCPLRuntime.cm (Other sources in BCPLRuntimeSource.dm are
// needed when assembling the TFS .mu files).
bldr/l/v 500/W TFU tfuutils tfucertify tfuconvert tfuexercise diskfindhole tfsbase tfsa tfsswat tfswrite tfscreate tfsclose tfsddmgr saveregs tfsinit tfsnewdisk gp template interrupt interruptinit random renamefile bcplruntime loadram tfumc