Check to see that USER.DEFAULT.PARAM is filled with the correct values.  Kelly mentioned that we might have gotten the values from the wrong page in the manual.

Changed SPEECH.INIT to create SPEECH.*WAVE* as an array of type POINTER. SPEECH.INIT now also takes an argument ARRAYSIZE which is used to control the size of SPEECH.*WAVE*.  Similarly for SPEECH.SHORTCU.

Made several edits in the EMACS files changing -$ to 0-$ .

Took off (P (AUDIO.INIT)) from AUDIOCOMS since it caused a 9309 on a Dlion

Changed the record POINT to be SP.POINT to avoid conflict with TEDITs POINT record.


Regarding default values for params:  Klatt says at the beginning of the appendix following chap. 3 that default values are inserted into the parameter tracks before insertion of specified values.  However, looking at the examples of parameter buffers in chap. 3, we see that the value for AV from 0 to 200 is 0, even though the default value for AV according to TABLE 2-1 is 60.  It must be the values on page 2-14 that is supposed to be correct.  It has AV to be TYPically 0.

Changed following entries in PVECTOR.DEFAULT:
	F1 450 --> 500
	f2 1450 --> 1500
	f3 2450 --> 2500

Changing the procedures for filling up the parameter buffer so that we first put down the defaults, and then overlay the segment specs.  The function which creates the default buffer is PVECTOR.DEFAULT.SPEC on SYNTH.FPKG


Make sure we get sharp drop offs in trajectories 
		1. Before a SET POINT
		2. After a V